Ross Aboff

Vice President of Health Accounts


Our VA Account Manager, Ross Aboff, brings a wealth of government and industry experience to GovernmentCIO. Ross began his career at the Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) in 1985. Of this time, he says, "Times were good when I got out of Rutgers Engineering. The Defense budget was surging, and there were plenty of great opportunities for electrical engineers. I went the government route because the variety of work and opportunities to grow professionally was very appealing to me... Plus, let’s face it, there aren't too many better places for a 21 year old to live than the Jersey shore!" 

During his tenure at CECOM, Ross published guidance for acquisition data package (ADP) development and led several major ADPs for CECOM Project Managers and Professional Employer Organizations. He also chaired several Source Selection boards. At the end of his CECOM career, he served as the Deputy Project Manager for the Rapid Response contract, the revolutionary vehicle that set the stage for the future of government IDIQ contracting.

Ross left the government to become an attorney in 2002, when focused his practice on commercial litigation, white-collar criminal defense, land use, education, and reinsurance. In 2010, Ross went to CACI as the T4 Program Manager. At CACI, Ross was instrumental in the capture and execution of more than $400 million in health and VA contracts, including the VLER development, AF CAATS, CIOSP3 and T4 Document Conversion, VistA Evolution and Enterprise Architecture tasks. In 2015, Ross joined CSRA, where his track record of success continued, helping to build the VA account into a $150 million per year venture. Major captures included eMI, eSAM, CGS, VRM VACAA, EVSS, and ICHMS. 

He attributes his success to teamwork. "To me, the most important concept in our business is teamwork. Whether it is our teaming partners or internal staff, one thing is certain – no one can be successful going it alone. As a manager, my philosophy is to hire the best people and put faith in their professionalism and talent. This provides an unconstrained path to accountability, innovation, and successful performance, and is one of the major keys to my success over the years."

Ross lives in Howell, New Jersey, with his wife, Erin, and five children, Allyssa, Zachary, Liam, Luke, and Caroline.