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We develop and lead the execution of cybersecurity strategy and solutions to address the issues that concern federal agencies the most. GovernmentCIO have experience developing cyber solutions to address the client's risk management and regulatory requirements, and build long-term strategies to ensure critical digital assets are secure.

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GCIO supports clients in multiple cybersecurity fields, such as policy, governance, risk management, end point security engineering, cybersecurity operations, identity and access management, and data protection.



Drug Accountability
Drug Accountability

Our Drug Accountability Upload team performs analysis of alternatives on applications that require the implementation of 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) compliance using IAM SSOi, AD-IWA, or Direct PIV.



Vista Security
VistA Security

As part of our VistA Security Remediation task order, our team provides information assurance and security support to VistA, identifying and remediating VistA security vulnerabilities discovered by a TRM-approved MUMPS scanning tool. We plan, develop, test, and deploy security patches to remediate the prioritized VistA security vulnerabilities.