Deloitte's seven emerging tech trends

By: Amanda Ziadeh
The company found the next phase of IT innovation facing CIOs in and out of government.

In Deloitte Consulting LLP’s recently released tech trends report, “The Kinetic Enterprise,” it identified the forces that remain constant in driving IT transformation; digital, analytics, cloud, t

Advancing Telehealth with Data and Analytics

By: Amanda Ziadeh

When it comes to health analytic capabilities, the private sector arguably has the federal government beat, partly due to a defined business case and industry talent. Health-based departments and agencies are still working to close that gap with collaboration and data-based initiatives.

Inside the FDA’s IT Strategic Plan

By: Amanda Ziadeh

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released its IT Strategic Plan in September 2015, Chief Information Officer Todd Simpson incorporated a review process in order to revisit the plan annually and ensure it keeps up with mandates, new technologies and priorities.

Automate Table Auditing

By: William Hendrix

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) establish the security audit policies, content and availability of audit results in the event of software changes.  Specifically, AU-2 (Audit Events), AU-3 (Content of Audit Records) and AU-12 (Audit Generation) address when an audit is required, what is included in the audit and the ability to generate audit records.  The remaining controls in this family

AFCEA Bethesda Honors IT Innovators

By: Amanda Ziadeh
Ten government and industry leaders recognized at InnovateIT Awards Luncheon.

The AFCEA Bethesda chapter awarded both government and industry change agents for their part in advancing information technology within their organization and government-wide, at its 10th Annual InnovateIT Awards Luncheon on June 1.The awards were presented in Washington, D.C., and included innovation in business and citizen in

A Better Way to Document Project Related Information

By: Michael Murray

Most Federal agencies have formal Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Management frameworks for managing their IT projects. The names of the SDLC phases may vary, but most have one thing in common: the need to create and maintain documentation. Agencies often provide templates in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format to ease the process and encourage consistency across projects.

Navigating Between Regulator and Coordinator

By: Amanda Ziadeh
HHS’ Office of the National Coordinator lies at the forefront of improving Health IT.

As federal health agencies strive to keep up with the evolving pace of health technology, interoperability and information sharing remain among top priorities, but pose continued challenges.

It’s Not Enough to be Agile, You Need to Measure It

By: Angela Tittle
Agile Maturity Assessments Hold The Key To Long-term Results.

Whether your organization recently underwent an Agile transformation or has practiced Agile for years, assessing the level of agility at regular intervals is important. Agile is practiced differently at all levels of the organization, and how it is implemented at the enterprise level effects how it is implemented at the team level.

IHS Addresses EHR Deficiencies with $94 million Contract

By: Amanda Ziadeh
CIO Rives also lays out healthcare technology vision

The Indian Health Service contract award to General Dynamics Information Technology in April is intended to enhance the Resource and Patient Management System, the agency’s electronic health record, as it addresses some system’s past deficiencies.