Our expertise supports the Defense Health Agency


GovernmentCIO provides Tier III contract support services to various business and technical functions necessary for sustaining all of the Defense Health Agency’s Solution Delivery Division (SDD), Care and Benefits Integrated Systems (CBIS) program office product lines.


GCIO has a culture of innovation and transformation. While many large contracts can become stagnant and often fail to fill vacancies in time or with the right people with the right skill sets, the CBIS Program Management Office (PMO) personnel have consistently demonstrated a culture of innovative thinking and will continue to provide agile, flexible and transformative ideas to DHA in the months and years to come.

Our solution

CBIS Tier III is a singular-focused program. We provide a dedicated team under the CBIS program office and assigned across certain special projects, systems and PMOs. There is a hybrid blend of project managers, analysts, SMEs and engineers who have deep understanding of these systems, including The Health Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS), SPORTS, etc.

Close coordination with and understanding of the migration of HAIMS to OpenText has been vital. In particular, GovernmentCIO subject-matter experts have been instrumental in defining workflow development through careful analysis of HAIMS to replicate existing workflows. This team is best positioned to ensure new development reflects the end-user focus because of its deep understanding of CBIS systems, related business processes and interdependencies with non-CBIS systems.

The CBIS PMO used our experience working directly with end users of CBIS systems such as HAIMS and DMACS, and our participation in the user story review process, to ensure user concerns are addressed in system updates. This experience is of particular importance as systems are migrated to OpenText, with the resulting updates to the user experience and workflows.


Our contract with Defense Health Agency is flexible, agile and continues to evolve. As the landscape has rapidly changes, our team rapidly evolves with it. The CBIS PMO is developing the tools and expertise to migrate to OpenText and has visions of providing OpenText migration services to other PMOs under a CBIS-managed Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The knowledge GCIO’s team possesses from working closely with the Cat-3 team is unique and our engineers are best positioned to carry this out.

The CBIS operations team is supplementing other contractor teams. GCIO developed a triage process for the Defense Medical Accessions Computing System (DMACS), assigned a defacto engineer on DMACS, played a big role in stabilizing DMACS, supported creation of a “get-well plan” and ultimately stabilized the system.