VA lists Veterans Legacy Memorial program as 2nd greatest NCA achievement in 2019

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WASHINGTON -- The Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration held up the Veterans Legacy Memorial program as its second greatest achievement of 2019 — behind only the NCA’s near perfect score under the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

In an annual retrospective, the NCA lauded how VLM is “reinventing the way the public memorializes veterans.” Designed in partnership with GovernmentCIO, VLM allows the families of veterans to access digital memorials for America’s warriors. These profiles include duration and branch of service.

VLM is designed to celebrate the full scope of each veteran’s life, with plans to further develop the program and include additional space for family members to memorialize the course of a veteran’s life after they’ve retired from service. The goal is both reverential and civic-minded, allowing family members to honor how veterans continued serving their country and community after their time in the armed forces.

Feedback on VLM has been positive. VLM has proven a special boon for veteran families who live far afield from their loved ones’ resting sites, or who may have challenges with mobility and access. VLM has become a fixture in the memorial process for all veteran families, a living testimony to those they’ve loved and lost.

As VA Undersecretary for Memorial Affairs Randy Reeves emphasized at the annual 9/11 Day of Service event at Quantico National Cemetery, “We have to be storytellers, each and every one of us, when talking about veterans.”