abstract technology background
abstract technology background

Digital government experience

The digital reality today is that citizens are digital and commerce is digital. Therefore, government is expected to be digital. With a focus on user-centered design and collaboration we ensure citizens and federal employees receive the expected end-to-end digital experience when working with the federal government.

Agile digital

Agile change management

With our experience and expertise in Agile, development, security and technical governance, we work across enterprises and within individual project and portfolio teams to transition to an Agile posture focused on delivering services and capabilities to your end users.


Independent verification and validation (IV&V) and technical governance

In Agile-based development environments with multiple vendors supporting interconnected systems, achieving and measuring progress is critical. GovernmentCIO helps increase our clients’ transparency into the development pipeline by delivering true continuous integration practices, automation and IV&V dashboards.


Cloud and containerization

Our managed services solutions leverage our Agile approaches, IV&V and technical governance, and DevOps experience to transition mission critical systems to the cloud. Our approach charts a path to success, measures risk and includes end-to-end implementation and delivery of real value to the end users via the cloud.


Agile Enterprise program/project management

At the Department of Veterans Affairs, our Digital Services-led Transformation Project team infused broad Agile practices across more than 100 projects, leading to the replacement of Waterfall process with an Agile operating model. Oversight is maintained through implementation of an Agile and customer-centric governance and accountability process. Further agility is realized through tool consolidation, leading to improved project level transparency, duplication removal and risk insight.


Digital government innovation

Using our custom organizational alignment methodologies, we are able to help federal agencies realize investments made in research and innovation laboratories through our Applied Science and Innovation practice. We ensure quality is maintained while allowing innovation to become the new way of doing business.